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Children Portraits

The following paintings are unique in style.
Although they are photographic like, these portraits are done in watercolor.
They are not painted photographs.
Commissions are happily accepted!
Portrait of John Michael
16" X 20" Pastel on Watercolor


Mark's Little Boy 
16" X 20" Watercolor and Pastel


Mark's Little Girl 
16" X 20" Watercolor and Pastel


Portrait of Richard Pierre
12" X 16" Watercolor on Canvas


The Neighbor's Kids
26" X 36" Watercolor


Portrait of JC
26" X 36" Watercolor


Little Miss Molly 
26" X 36" Watercolor


Ethan's Eyes
48" X 20" Watercolor


Three Children
22"X28" Watercolor


Portrait of Andy
16"X20" Watercolor


Portrait of Molly 2007
16"X20" Watercolor and Pastel
Portrait of Katie
22"X30" Watercolor


Portrait of Matt
22"X30" Watercolor


Contact the artist at : debra@halprinart.com or Call: 301-260-9701 Located in Rockville, MD

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