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Still Life/Florals/Interiors

12" X 12" Acrylic


Yellow Tulips
18" X 24" Acrylic


18" X 24" Watercolor


Trumpet Flower
12" X 16" Watercolor


Potted Floral
36" X 26" Watercolor


Yellow Rose Vertical
26" X 36" Watercolor


Yellow Rose Horizontal
26" X 36" Watercolor


Pink Hydrangeas
26" X 36" Watercolor


22"X28" Watercolor


By the Bay at Café Monet
16"X20" Watercolor on Canvas


Morning at Monet's
34"X44" Watercolor


Moonlight at Monet's
22"X28" Watercolor


Three Pairs
22"X28" Acrylic Over Gel Medium


Pears in High Contrast
16"X20" Acrylic


Karen's Flowers
36"X48" Acrylic


Flowers in a Blue Vase
26"X36" Watercolor


Fruit of the Vine
26"X36" Acrylic over Gel Medium 


Black Eyed Suzies
26"X36" Watercolor 


Red Peppers
11" X 14" Watercolor


Contact the artist at : debra@halprinart.com or Call: 301-260-9701 Located in Rockville, MD

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