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The Art of Giclée Printing and Helpful Tips on How to Photograph your Artwork
by Debra Halprin
Rockville, Maryland 20850

Silverada Canvas by Breathing Color has an irridescent silver coating which makes giclée print images sing!


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Just finished runing a very cool giclée print for artist, Kim Cohen.  I love the way her "Pop Art" image looks on the new Silverada canvas by breathing color!  This iridescent canvas really lends itself to modern art, abstracts and black and white photos.

A Work of Art by Debra Halprin 

An Introduction

The Art of Giclee Printing with Debra Halprin live at The Compass Atelier.

How to Photograph Fine Art
Presentation given to
The Art League of Germantown.


"Hey Glen, How about we talk to these folks about how to photograph their artwork and the giclée printing process!"


"Great idea, Deb.  Camera, Action, Roll 'em!


"Allow me to introduce to you, Artist and Giclée Print Maker Extraordinaire, Debra Halprin"


"Wow, Thanks, Glen.  I really liked that Introduction!"

Youll just have to hold it in until this

"A quality print begins with a good photograph.  I use the Canon EOS 6D Full Frame Camera with the 60mm Sigma Macro Lens to establish a flat field of focus."

A good print starts with a good digital

"Be sure to shoot on a tripod and use good photographic lighting.  I use Tungsten 500 watt halogens by Lowell Tota"

I run a series of proofs until the color

"Once I Photograph the Artwork, I run a series of proofs until I match the colors of the original painting"

Which is Live Which is Memorex.jpg

"Here is an Image of the Original Next to the Giclée Print.  Which is Which??"

Renovating paintings via digital images.

"Deteriorated Artwork May be Restored on the Digital Image"

Derivative Artwork may be created from p

"Giclée Prints may be enhanced or painted over entirely which adds to derivitive sales."

How to Market your prints.jpg

"It's quite cost effective for both Artist and Patron to print to the size of the ready made mat and frames"

"I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to come listen and learn about the Art of Giclée Print Making"

A OK.png

"How'd that go, Glen?"

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