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What is a Giclée Print?

The term giclée was coined by a group of digital imaging specialists in California. It is pronounced "zhee-clay" and is a noun deriving from the French verb gicler, which means "to spray." 

Giclée is a high-quality inkjet print that is fade resistant and waterproof. Giclée prints are created with professional grade machines on archival substrates, such as 100% rag watercolor paper or canvas. Both inks and papers are rated "archival," resulting in a wide and vibrant color rendition with very deep blacks. 

We use only the highest-quality substrates, including archival cotton rag papers by Moab and Epson and archival canvases by Sihl and Breathing Color. Prints can be made as large as 44 inches in the smaller dimension with the larger dimension expanding up to 15 feet.

And now introducing our latest additions.....The Epson SureColor P9000 and P9570  Edition Large Format Printer

With Epson UltraChrome HDX pigment inks, which have been tested to last up to 200 years without fading.


Mastering the Fine Art of Giclée Printing

What is a Giclée Print
Printing Process

What's Different about Debra Halprin's Printing Process?

Artist-to-Artist Printing and Consultation Services

In most cases, giclée printing establishments will take your original artwork, photograph it, color match it and call you when the work is finished. What Debra does is much more customer service oriented. 

When you come to A Work of Art by Debra Halprin, you don't just leave with an archival reproduction of your work; you leave imparted with a greater knowledge of how to market your art.

As an artist, Debra has a unique talent to discuss the distinct qualities of her client's artwork. In order to create the reproduction, Debra photographs the artwork RAW and creates a high resolution digital image of the piece. 

She then sits down with the artist and makes suggestions as how to best reproduce the image. Using Photoshop, she will make color, contrast and even compositional changes to enhance the work (all with the approval of the artist, of course). Unlike other printing establishments, Debra will run as many proofs as needed until she is happy with the outcome.

Debra will create a high-resolution digital image as .tiff and .jpg files for your use.  In addition, Debra will size your digital images to your specifications.  This is a valuable service, as shows, galleries and exhibits to which you apply may request images in specific sizes.

Debra is an experienced artist and has won many awards and exhibited and sold her own art.  Debra will shares her depth of experience with you and discuss the best ways to market your works.  Some of the topics she covers:

  • How to safely protect and exhibit prints

  • How to price prints

  • What size to create prints

  • How to best display paper and canvas prints

  • Various framing options available

  • Reflected canvas edges (a technique that makes the canvas print appear to wrap around stretcher bars)

  • Where to exhibit and sell prints

  • The value of artist proofs and limited- edition prints

  • Copyright laws and reproduction rights

In addition, Debra offers art and photo digital restoration services. 

*No Minimum Orders
*Same Low Price for 1 or 100  giclée prints

Giclée Printing Prices:
.12 cents per square inch on Watercolor Paper 
.15 cents per square inch on Canvas 

.16 cents per square inch on Specialty Photo Papers

There is a set up fee starting at $55 - Set up Includes Photography, Color Correction, Proofing on 5x7 watercolor paper, Digital Image in Jpeg and TIFF Format, Digital Files sized to your specification.

Please call or email for a cost estimate.

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